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  • Phil Plumley

    Phil Plumley

    Environmentalist / Ocean Matters podcast / SDGs

  • Michelle Loucadoux, MBA

    Michelle Loucadoux, MBA

    Published author, motivational speaker, educator, and self-improvement nerd. loucadouxmichelle@gmail.com

  • Bhuvanesh Bhatt

    Bhuvanesh Bhatt

    Liberal, outdoorsy nerd+geek in Austin. Love music, board games, books, volunteering for animals & refugees, hiking/camping, photography. Follow ≠ endorsement.

  • Malik Saud

    Malik Saud

    Art master. CEO of the world :)

  • Rajesh Iyer

    Rajesh Iyer

    Rajesh is a Computer Science & Math Undergrad and Law Graduate with an interest in Computers, Technology and Machine Learning for Financial Services.

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